Zebra Roller Shades in Calgary

Whether your windows are the main focal point of every room in your home or if they simply blend into your overall decor, one thing is for sure: windows present an excellent opportunity to add an additional sense of style to your home. How you choose to decorate or dress your windows matters because it can greatly influence the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Finding the right zebra window shades to adorn your windowpanes can help liven up your living space in addition to offering a slew of other important benefits.

Sara Bella offers a wide range of stylish, high-quality, and custom-designed zebra shades and blinds in Calgary, Alberta.

What Are Zebra Shades?

Zebra shades are versatile and stylish roll-up blinds that can be used to enhance the look and performance of any window in your home. The name is derived from their striped appearance, but interior designers and other industry experts also often refer to them as banded, layered, or dual shades as well. These attractive shades let you control the temperature and lighting in any room while also allowing you to showcase your personal style in a classic, elegant, or funky way.

Why You Need Zebra Roller Shades for Your Home

Zebra roller shades have a lot to offer your home. If you’re looking to add a little style, elegance, or colour to your space, then this is a great way to do it. Here are a few reasons why installing zebra window shades from Sara Bella is the right choice for you:

They’re Versatile and Easy to Use

Not only do these shades easily fit into any space, but they can also be custom-designed to fit the dimensions of each window in your home. On top of that, they’re also extremely easy to operate. Simply pull the drawstrings on the side up or down until the shades reach the exact level you prefer.

Different Fabric Options

Complement the decor in your home by choosing from a wide selection of colour and fabric options to match your style. From real wood and faux wood to aluminum, composite, and all-natural blinds, we offer a wide range of materials to design and create the perfect zebra blinds for your space.

One Shade, Two Layers of Light

Zebra blinds also have a light and temperature balancing effect because they’re double layered. You can choose between having a cohesive one colour pattern or you can choose one dark and one light colour to regulate the amount of light that penetrates your blinds.

Durable and Easy to Maintain and Clean

Our blinds are only made from the finest and highest quality materials, which is why they’re extremely durable and easy to maintain so that you and your family can enjoy them for years to come.

Why Choose Sara Bella Zebra Sheer Shades?

At Sara Bella, we pride ourselves on offering premium and custom made-to-order products. All of our products are constructed and shipped from Europe by professionally trained designers and manufacturers. In addition to offering a comprehensive five-year warranty on all of our materials and products, we also provide complimentary consultations to all of our customers. To learn more about our products, or book your free consultation with one of our window treatment experts, please contact us.